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Japanese should stop the dolphin hunting?

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How to join for dolphins

Let's vote about this issue by this page.
Let's make the video letter campaign about this issue to Japanese people. [more info]

Of course, this problem is the matter of Japanese people.
But Japanese people like foreigners,You know?
If your voice adding,It's more effective!
For realize about own(Japanese) guilt.

We need your power!

The Cove PSA -My Friend Is (Japanese subtitles)
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Activity of Dolphin-Lovers.Org
Before election of parliamentarians of Japan,
Dolphin-lovers.Org sent about the mercury-containing dolphin meat is used in school meals for 5 opposition leaders ,
And the one of the reading media TV's reporter who continued reported the only truth in the nuclear accident coverage
by the content-certified postal mail.
Sent offer to Caroline Kennedy Japan ambassador about please tweet again about the Japan dolphin hunting problem by two way mesage.

[ twitcasting ]

[ in front of shibuya station at 28th Feb]
[ in front of Shinjuku station 28th Feb]
[ in front of shibuya station 24th Jan]
[ speech about Dolphin hunting issue in the House of Representatives Hall before 24th Jan]
[ in front of shibuya station 24th Jan]
[ Harajuku & in front of Meiji Jingu 2th Jan]
(Jpn) => (Eng)
Suigin=> Mercury
iruka => Dolphin
doubutsu en => Zoo
suizokukan => aquarium
gyakutai => abuse
Sorry my poor speech!