Stop! Japan
Kimiko Matsumura
The Japanese dolphin drive hunt in Taiji has olny 45 years of history,
unlike the Japanese government has been claiming it as "the Japanese
Tradition". The method of killing dolphins are inhumane and there are
no concerning about the welfare of dolphins as they just kill or sell to
the aquariums and unwanted baby dolphins are dumped without their family
which means there's no hope for them to survive.
There has no law to protect the walfare of marine mamals in Japan!
It has to be more regulated by the international law.
We don't want such inhumane dolphin drive hunt as the Japanese
tradition nor culture. That's only continuing with the government's greed!
We must stop that!

Stop! Japan
Ryo Sato
Japanese want to stop the slaughter of dolphins in the opinion of their own in a loud without the criticism from abroad.
I want to continue to say about that.
Stop! Japan
Tomiko Uehara
I did not know until recently
Please stop the dolphin hunting early.
almost Japanese people do not know the dolphin hunting .
I have not ever seen the person who eat dolphin ,
So,"dolphin hunting is culture" is a far-fetched.
Aquarium opposite!
Stop! Japan
I want you to stop about dolphin hunting also whaling immediately !
I think the dolphin hunting and whaling are unnecessary.
Stop! Japan
Michiko Sato
Please abolished dolphin, whale hunting !!!!!
Stop! Japan
Yoshimi Kojima
Dolphin huting is not even tradition in culture,
It is a vicious abuse.

We must not disposal many outdated foods on supermarket and convenient store on every day.
we must not eat dolphins.

It is a arrogance thing.
Stop! Japan
Oriha Mori
There is no need to eat dolphin,
We are enough eating and gluttony.

Children grow quickly and healthily without looking at the acrobatics of dolphins.

Thus the need for dolphin hunting is none.
Stop! Japan
Tomonaga Mizumachi
I heard about Japanese kill & eat dolphins in 2005.
I didn't belive that while one week.
I felt it very bad joke...
But that was true...

It is not a story of distant past
That is now.
And that is do by Own country, Japanese.

Really,Very shocked.
I was recieved big damage by that
while one month, and still now.
This is not lie.
Very shameful.

Japan may be the developed countries in economy ,
But,Japanese people are savage race.

Of course, this problem is a matter of Japanese
I and Japanese people should stop dolphin ,orcas,whale issue.
Your opinion & voices are effective for that!