The Cove PSA -My Friend Is (Japanese subtitles)
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Activity of Dolphin-Lovers.Org
[ twitcasting ]
[ in front of shibuya station at 28th Feb]
[ in front of Shinjuku station 28th Feb]
[ in front of shibuya station 24th Jan]
[ speech about Dolphin hunting issue in the House of Representatives Hall before 24th Jan]
[ in front of shibuya station 24th Jan]
[ Harajuku & in front of Meiji Jingu 2th Jan]
(Jpn) => (Eng)
Suigin=> Mercury
iruka => Dolphin
doubutsu en => Zoo
suizokukan => aquarium
gyakutai => abuse
Suigin=> Mercury
iruka => Dolphin
doubutsuen => Zoo
suizokukan => aquarium
gyakutai => abuse
Sorry my poor speech!

Dolphin hunting protest in front of the Japanese Embassy in the United Kingdom

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[Let's make video letter campaign!]

Hello, Dolphin lovers!

We have already common language .
That is "animal welfare mind".

Please make the video letter for Japanese people.
That is taken about your sadness and your anger by Japan dolphins, orcas & whales hunting issue.
It's hard or kindly ok! for Japanese people can self-awakening own guilt.
If you use japanese language or using japanese language sign boad ,that is more effective!

For example,
[Guidance PDF for print out]

"Iruka o korosanai-de !"
"Kujira o korosanai-de !"
(Don't killing dolphins & whales!)

"Iruka-ryou o yamete!"
(Stop the dolphins orcas & whales hunting)

"Su-i-zo-ku-kan wa i-ti-ji-ru-shi-i gya-ku-tai de-su!"
(Aquarium is terrible abuse for dolphins and orcas!)

If you speak about in order to help the dolphins, Orcas & whales,anything ok.
Of course,
It is OK in the language of your country!

And upload that to youtube,

after that,
Please tell me about the URL of your youtube page by posting to facebook page of us.
That FB page is,
Dolphin-Lovers On Facebook!
Your video clip will be listed here.