Stop! Mexico
Jyotsna Ruth Ambrz Daz

I think it is a tradition,
not long acquire that must adapt to modern times,
it is not healthy or ethical nor environmentally correct to continue to do this hunts

I much admire japanese culture and think the best of it,
I could LIVE in japan,
my japanese friends are so excellent people, respectful, disciplined,
so I think once you people get started in putting an end to this horrors, they are meant to stop,
it is just a matter of getting people started within Japan.
Japanese need no help to get things done within japan and japanese matters....

I hope mypoint of vierw comes out well across, you see, I do admire much japanes culture, I had a friend who was a diplomat there for over 8 years and when I was invited IT WAS A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!!! I do believe the world has much to learn form hapanes way of contemplating and simple way of solving problems
Stop! Mexico
Jyotsna Ruth Ambrz Daz (??????????)
Japanese people are cool dolphin hunting is NOT!
Stop! Mexico
Adriana Beatty
Taiji dolphin hunts should stop.
They are cruel for the animals.
It shows no respect for the intelligent beings of the sea.
The practice is not a substainable one because the meat is contaminated.

This slaughter and capture has no place in a civilized country as Japan.

There are other options to bring income to Taiji, being a beautiful place. Please stop the drive hunts in Taiji.