If you are living in outside Japan.
* Please vote your opinion!
* Japanese people should stop the dolphin hunting, "It's OK" or "STOP!!" ?
   (It's have been aggregated by country.)

* Let's vote your opinion about Japan dolphin hunting issue to Japanese people.

* Let's make video letter about your opinion of Japan dolphin issue!

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* *Challenge Japan to END Whale & Dolphin Hunts for Tokyo 2020 Olympics
The most important things is
the number of voices of all of you from all over the world.
Japanese people will can realize about own sins by many harsh voices from the world .

If you are living in Japan.
* In this site,Aggregates in this site voice, video letter from you,
Dolphin lovers Japan team will act efforts about the introducing our web-site to many Japanese people as possible.

* To protect the dignity and life of dolphins, orcas, whales,
For dolphin hunting is to end as soon as possible,
We must think about the way that our activities are not attacked and is not hampered.

* We must concentrate for in what is effective ,
and then run the strategy found.